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We offer a wide range of brow treatments, from threading, waxing, tinting, mapping, henna and lamination of brows also known as brow lifting.

Brow Mapping - is a three-step custom technique that helps find the ideal shaped brow on any face. The process takes brows from 'cookie-cutter' shapes and styles to something completely couture that brings balance and symmetry to your face and eyes.
The aim is to give our clients a realistic image of what can be achieved with their brows without the use of make-up and of course, keeping up with current trends.

"I have a huge passion in perfecting brows & have been doing so for 8 years. I use organic brow thread which means less irritation and longer lasting results. Tint or henna is optional for high definition brows & the option of brow lifting is available here at BodyToxing - For fuller brows, I recommend daily use of our award winning beard activator serum, containing Biotin - which can be purchased here. This should be brushed into the roots of your brows for a noticeable difference within 2 months, for even better results our derma-roller kit works wonders for growth along with our activator and beard nourshing oil." - Nadia

Book in your free consultation to begin your brow journey with us.

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