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Who we are

Sisters by blood, best friends by choice and now business partners. 



Despite a 2 year age gap between us, growing up, we were often referred to by our own family as "the twins". We realised together, at an early age that the traditional academic vocations were not where our strengths lay.

We were both always very creative and like many girls our age, developed a keen interest in the field of beauty therapy.

In July 2014, We launched our first medi-spa.

One of the only salons/spas in Bedfordshire using natural & organic cosmetics and treatments, freshly hand made to order in beautiful surroundings.

After school, we both successfully pursued further education within different sectors of the beauty industry.

Initially, the thought of opening our own salon was exciting. However the cutting edge nature of the industry meant that we were not prepared to be just like the many other ordinary salons that exist throughout towns and cities across the UK. 

We pride ourselves on how unique BodyToxing is.  The desire to offer something a bit special, took us to various parts of the world in search of the most innovative treatments, sometimes found amongst primitive societies. What we found is currently not available in the UK, but more about that on our bodysmoking treatments page.  

Alongside some very unique services, we decided to provide treatments that are well known and are in high demand to provide our clients with regular and typical treatments that we all know and love.

You may be aware that a lot of beauty hacks originated from Ancient Egypt such as milk baths, make-up, natural face masks, sugaring hair removal etc.

The core of our business model was in the Ancient Egyptian treatments updated with a modern twist and offered to clients within the ambience of our luxury premises, and so we invite you to experience life like cleopatra, unwind and free your senses with  BodyToxing.


With Love 

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