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Lash Lift & Tint

Everything you need to know...

Who needs false lashes and mascara when you can get a Lash Lift at BodyToxing. 

One of the simplest ways to change your look is with a lash lift and tint. After the quick, painless, and affordable treatment, your eyes will look instantly brighter and more open, making you appear more youthful and awake. Plus, your lashes will get that sexy curl and flutter you’ve always wanted! Think of it like semi-permanently curling your lashes and applying mascara that lasts for months.

So.. What exactly is it?

A Lash Lift is an advancement on the old fashioned “Lash Perm”. Unlike the perming rods used in the past, new specially created silicone pads lift the lashes from the root only, creating a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length and volume. The added lash tint creates a mascara-style effect, so your lashes are perfect from the moment you wake up.

No extensions, no adhesive and no need for mascara! 

Lash Lifts are ideal for those seeking a more natural look and far less maintenance, the treatment can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour but the results are instant. Expect results to last six to eight weeks, after which your lashes will gently relax back to their natural state, when new lashes have grown. 

Lash Extensions Vs Lash Lift?

While lash extensions can give a more dramatic look, a lash lift lasts several weeks longer, along with the treatment itself being quicker and a cheaper alternative. Extensions can make your natural lashes more brittle, while a lift has little to no adverse effects.

Client Feedback

"I love them, Highly recommend!" -Saara


"I wanted to let a month pass by to see if I really would recommend it to friends & family. I actually really like it,  Lash Lift that tints & lifts your natural lashes. I've been going out with my natural bare eye and loving it. Its great if you wanna give your lashes a break or don't want to ruin your lashes with lash extentions. It is supposed to last for 2-3 months, alot longer than extensions with NO maintenance!!" - Lauren A


"Converted me girls!! I will be back." - Sammi


"I don't think I can live without a lash lift now, they look amazing when I wake up or come out the shower, I always look awake. I no longer need to wear mascara." - Sabs


"Very Impressed, what a change it makes to the time I take getting ready and no more cleaning the mascara smudged under my eyes! Love the concept and the care you girls take while providing all your services. " - Jade

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