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Ice Facial

Skin Icing is one of the quickest ways to restore your face to a fresh and dewy look, helping reduce the appearance of open pores and tightening the skin.

Ice Facials may not sound that particularly pleasant, however they have become a popular ritual for better looking skin. It is a regular practice in skin care routine for Korean women, who are known for their detailed beauty rituals and flawless skin.

Using our natural and organic range, set to a cool temperature to ensure your ice facial experience is as icy as they get! The Ice facial is ideal for summer, when our skin is more greasy and our pores are in dire need of tightening. 

Your skin is safe with our skin specialists, who'll advise the best facial for your skin type.  Skin icing will never be directly on your skin. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to book a free consultation.

This facial includes - Double cleanse, Double Scrub, Hot Steam, Blackhead Removal, Cold Towel press, Skin Icing, Cold Mask, Organic Rose water to tone and Moisturiser.


Relief for puffy eyes

Face appears smoother

Relief during bad breakouts


Glowing Skin

Eases wrinkles

Fights and soothes acne

Promotes blood circulation

Tone the face

Reduces the appearance of open pores.

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