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Queen Of The Nile

Indulge in a luxurious bath at Bodytoxing consisting of Water, Organic Milk, Honey, Sandalwood and Essential oils.

The treatment includes a full body and face exfoliation with a face mask of your choice (excluding caviar face mask) while you relax in our bath. Add ons, such as an organic hair treatment for the duration of the bath and a 30 min full body massage are available (See pricelist)


Milk baths were a luxury in which only the wealthiest could indulge. Legend has it that Cleopatra was the most beautiful queen, famous for her flawless skin; her secret was soaking in baths of fresh milk and honey. Cleopatra mastered the art of beauty. Her concept of youthful glow and anti-wrinkle skin was admired and many have attempted to imitate this throughout the years. Not only was Cleopatra known for bathing in a bath of milk and honey, others such as the mistress of (French King Henry II) Diane de Poitiers, Pauline (Napoleon’s young sister) and between 1660 and 1685, milk baths became popular among nobles in England.


We are now making this available for you at Bodytoxing! We believe not only should the rich be spoilt in milk baths and have young radiant skin, so must the ordinary person. Bodytoxing is not for people with status, not for the wealthy or poor, we strive to pamper anyone and everyone.
This treatment is a bonus for brides to be alongside an icleanse.The ultimate body cleansing experience to make you feel exuberant and fresh for your big day and absolutely perfect for your honeymoon.

Queen of the Nile Benefits the skin with the following

  • Softening

  • Radiant, glowing

  • Exfoliating and Cleansing

  • Hydrating & Moisturising

  • Improves complexion and skin tone

  • Fights against skin damage and ageing, containing anti-oxidant properties

  • Anti-microbial properties known to treat sunburns and minor irritations

  • Smoothing and Firming

  • Release tension

  • Induce fatigue

  • Expunge toxins

  • Increase circulation

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