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1mm Dermaroller

1mm Dermaroller


Take your skincare regime to the next level with BodyToxing's CE certified 1mm dermaroller. 


Micro needling is known to help enhance any skincare routine by aiding with the absorption of serums, preventing breakouts, blackheads, and keeping the skin healthy and rejuvenated.

Our dermaroller offers 1mm depth micro-needles to penetrate the surface of the skin, stimulating collagen production and elastin refreshed complexion.

  • Skin Type

    All Skin Types - Avoid if you have active/aggravated acne 

  • Benefits

    • Reduces Acne Scarring
    • Reduces Pigmentation
    • Targets Ageing skin and Anti-ageing
    • Improves the appearance of Stretch Marks
    • Improves Skin Texture
  • What our specialists recommend

    Roll over the area that requires treatment in different directions, at least 3 times over the same area. Roll gently up, left, right and downwards

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