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Beard & Brow Oil

Beard & Brow Oil


Our beard oil is specially formulated to condition and soften the beard hair, so that the hair is sealed against damage, less brittle and more hydrated. The versatile oil further boosts elasticity, delaying the ageing process overtime. 

  • What our specialists recommend

    Run the beard oil in the ends of your beard daily to nourish and moisturise

    Do NOT needle into the skin, apply after skin needling. 

  • Ingredients

    - Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil (this miracle oil is also in our activator), which is weightless and easily absorbed. In addition, it mirrors human sebum, therefore controlling sebum glands and preventing excess oil secretion from the hair.


    -Squalane which aids in reversing dryness/breakage but also increases the rate at which the hair grows.


    -Vitamin E which stimulates scalp circulation and has been clinically proven to encourage hair growth and follicle size. It gives the scalp/beard a strong foundation for hair to grow by eliminating oxidative stress and preserving the lipid layer.

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